A Kahoot! to help teach and test Trauma & TIC Basics

A while back, I created a Kahoot! on Trauma and TIC Basics to help students and trainees define and differentiate some core trauma and trauma-informed care (TIC) concepts. For those unfamiliar with Kahoot!, it’s a game-based learning platform that is accessed on the web via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

In both course and training settings, I use the Trauma and TIC Basics Kahoot! as a kind of pre- and post-test to help students/participants both learn the terms and also assess their learning. The Kahoot! also informs my teaching. I don’t expect every learner will answer every question correctly on the post-test. That has never happened, in fact. However, low question scores let me know which concepts I need to revisit.

I was a bit worried at first that adult learners would object to using a game platform; however, so far every audience I’ve tried it with has responded enthusiastically. I’ve used it successfully in both individual and team format. Team format is helpful when some learners don’t have access to a device or would have difficulty using it for this purpose.

I hope you, too, will find this Kahoot! useful and fun. If you do try it out, I’d love  feedback. In particular I’m curious about the following:

  • In what setting did you use it? (e.g. personal use, MSW course, counselor training, educator training)
  • How’d it go?
  • Are there other terms you’d like to see included?
  • Would you be interested in a post (maybe a video?) in which I explain the terms/answers?

And, of course, I’d be interested to hear other thoughts you’d be willing to share.


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