Trauma-Informed Teaching & Learning in Times of Crisis

Due to the covid-19 crisis, I have been getting more inquiries about trauma-informed teaching in higher education. So I created a video presentation to provide both a general overview of trauma-informed teaching as well as some specific tips and strategies that can be adapted by college educators now and in the future.

In the video, I address the questions listed below. Next to each question is the time stamp for when I cover it in the video in order to help make it easy to locate or return to specific sections.

  1. What does it mean to be trauma-informed (TI)? 0:01:00
  2. Why does being TI matter to college educators, especially during times of crisis? 0:09:07
  3. What does TI college teaching look like? 0:20:42
  4. What can you do right now to be more TI? 0:29:34
  5. What can you do moving forward to be more TI? 0:46:33
  6. Where can one find additional resources for becoming a more TI college educator? 0:57:35
  7. What are you already doing that’s TI? 1:01:30

You will find links to the resources I mention in the presentation slides. You may need to download the slides in order to use the links. You will find sample policy and assignment wording in the annotated syllabus.

I invite you to share examples of your own TI teaching tips and strategies in the comments. I admire all of the work we are collectively doing to provide spaces for ourselves and our students to learn and grow during this challenging time.

Be well.

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